Low Foam Bath Oil

Low Foam Bath Oil

Whirlpool Bath Oil

Using essential oils and herbs of the highest quality, these bath oils have been created by the purity of nature itself and developed specifically for your whirlpool or spa.

Containing natural skin moisturisers and conditioners, they are detergent free and low-foaming whilst still retaining a creamy texture.

There are a choice of different aromas to reflect your mood.

Specially formulated for whirlpool systems.


There are a choice of different aromas to reflect your mood, see our fantastic selection below:

Bath Oil - Jasmine, Juniper & Geranium
Bath Oil - Cedarwood and Lemon
Bath Oil - Roman Chamomile and Lavender
Bath Oil - Bergamot and Basil
Bath Oil - Geranium and Palmarosa
Bath Oil - Lavender and Marjoram
Bath Oil - Ylang Ylang,Patchouli & Sandalwood
Bath Oil - Grapefruit, Lemongrass & Rosemary
Herbal Extracts Bath Oil - Seashore Breeze (Seaweed, Samphire & Wild Thyme)
Herbal Extracts Bath Oil - Mustique Orchid (Blend of Orchids)
Herbal Extracts Bath Oil - Sunset Paradise (Exotic Flower Extracts)
Herbal Extracts Bath Oil - Elizabethan Country Garden (BUds & Petals
Specially formulated for whirlpool systems.

Our Special Price £8.99 each - Product Reference EWSR0013 - Please state aroma required when ordering.

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