*** Hot Tub Special Offer ***

Why not let us complete your winter draining for your hot tub, to make sure everything is completed to the highest specification and to ensure your hot tub is ready for 2016.  

Currently this special offer is only £199  and the service is for the Essex area only, so please contact us by phone if you need to discuss your requirements in more detail - 07515 667003

We offer a great, fast, friendly and expert service - you won't be disappointed.

*** Hot Tub Servicing ***


We also offer a complete service for your hot tub, spa or whirlpool bath.  Rest assured customer service & satisfaction is our number one priority, so please give us a call to discuss your requirements in full.  

We are a fantastic friendly family business so please do give us a call to discuss your needs in full - 07515 667003

We can fit any system to any bath of your choice

An example of a lovely Whirlpool Bath                Whirlpool Bath     

There's nothing like a warm, relaxing whirlpool or spa bath at the end of a difficult day. It washes troubles away. The last thing you want is a whirlpool, spa, or hot tub that doesn't work.

How Does It Work?

What's the difference between a whirlpool, a spa, and a hot tub? A whirlpool is a therapeutic bath tub, drained after every use, that uses water jets to soothe the body. A spa is a large soaking tub with water jets and a built-in heater; water stays in the tub between uses. A hot tub is like a spa except that it typically doesn't have water jets. Other than that, whirlpools are usually installed in an indoor bathroom while spas and hot tubs are either outside or in a special room because they are too large for most bathrooms.

Whirlpools and spas have adjustable water jets that massage the bather with streams of aerated water. A pump and a motor force water through the jet openings.

Because spas and hot tubs retain water between uses, the water is treated with chemicals to sanitize the water and maintain a comfortable pH level. Water treatment can be manual or automatic.

Customers in the Essex Area

We offer a Spa & Whirlpool fitting service in the Essex area, fitting Air Spa or Whirlpool systems to your existing bath or to a new bath (you just bring your bath to us)

This service is for the Essex area only so please contact us by phone if you need to discuss your requirements, we offer a great, fast, friendly and expert service - you won't be disappointed.


12 Jet     £340.00
18 Jet     £380.00
24 Jet     £420.00
3 Speed  £200.00
Electronic Control   £300.00


Standard Jets
6 Jet      £335.00
8 Jet      £355.00
Mini Jets
10 Jet    £380.00
The following systems require turbo boost which is included in the following prices:
12 Jet    £500.00
14 Jet    £550.00
16 Jet    £600.00
3 Speed £200.00
Electronic Control   £300.00


4 Jet Cluster   £100.00
6 Jet Cluster   £125.00
Halogen Light £140.00
Chromotherapy Light  £320.00

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